How Impactful is your RevOps?

Revenue Operations (RevOps) should be the strategic alignment of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success motions toward a 360-degree view of your relationships

If you're responsible for aggressive revenue targets and data-driven decisions, how confident are you in the frictionless, accuracy, and impact of your RevOps in your growth strategy?


Read Jenn Cordz's latest insight in Forbes Leadership. 

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Revenue Operations (RevOps) Maturity

Nour Group RevOps Assessment uncovers three fundamental areas that create unnecessary headwinds in your business.

What's Missing?

Three fundamental areas create headwinds in understanding, internalizing, and strategically applying Revenue Operations (RevOps) in many organizations. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Political Sandboxes - who has the authority when no leader wants to lose control, no executive sponsor or strategic buy-in, favorite wrong vendor - "can't our PR agency do this?"
  • Fog & Friction - tactical fire drills, no thought leadership, and the inability to articulate the strategic value of RevOps.
  • "Not Invented Here" - conflicting functional agendas, unwilling to ask for external help, and prima donnas insecure about their jobs.
Business is evolutionary and the Nour Group RevOps Assessment helps optimize your go-to-market function
Doing more with less creates significant obstacles to success. Nour Group RevOps Assessment will uncover key areas to optimize as you scale.

In the early stages of a company's formation, no defined function or role supports marketing, sales, or customer success. This is a digital desert.

Soon functions such as sales enablement, marketing, or sales operations/admins begin to appear in the org structure comprised of fixers, tactically responsible for applying band-aid solutions. Welcome to functional silos.

The outdated organizational structure originally invented as a military concept of command and control during World War I (WWI) begins to create data silos of independent, disconnected, redundant marketing, sales, and customer success motions. This is an impact disconnect.

Most senior executives, investors, and board members lack the RevOps depth to ask the right questions, explore relevant and appropriate solutions and balance their approach between business requirements and technical capabilities.

Visionary RevOps leadership requires unique skills, knowledge, and behaviors to remain strategically focused on business outcomes while building an impactful team, developing scalable processes, and optimizing the most efficient tech stack.

A baseline assessment creates a strong foundation for the operations function to work from and build upon as a company scales its go-to-market functions

How Do You Know, Really?

The Nour Group RevOps Assessment uncovers:

  • Productivity - Depth and quality of your processes, capabilities, and tech stack. Teams will be asked to grow revenue without growing headcount. The only way to get there is to attack your team's productivity.
  • Churn - Whether they renew or leave, what's your confidence in understanding why they do so, really? At every step of their buying journey, they decide to move forward or abandon; it is critical for your team to get and keep your finger on the pulse of "why."
  • Actionable Insights - What levers can you manipulate for greater results if you have accurate data? You don't need more data; it's better to track less and optimize the insights from what you track. If your RevOps can't provide actionable insights, you're in trouble.
Nour Group RevOps Client Engagement Logo Samples

Sample RevOps Engagements


"The Nour Group RevOps team is incredibly talented, hard-working, diligent in understanding a client’s needs, and goes above and beyond to deliver on their commitments."

"The Nour Group RevOps team quickly understood what we needed as a growing startup and worked diligently to assess where we were, recommend a course of action to elevate our efforts, and work with us in various go-to-market (GTM) challenges and opportunities."

Steve Hardy has brought the Nour Group into several different businesses in the last three years. A great relationship and confident to get the work done in professional manner.


Chief Marketing Officer | Prophix

Susan Vaillancourt, former CMO at, worked with the Nour Group RevOps team and outsourced's entire Operations function


former Chief Marketing Officer | Query.AI

About Jenn Cordz, Nour Group Partner
RevOps Practice Lead

Jenn brings close to two decades of digital, demand,
and operations expertise to the Nour Group. She was previously Director of Marketing Operations and Digital at SecurityScorecard (backed by Google Ventures, Sequoia, and Intel Ventures) and Senior Marketing Operations Manager and Systems Architect at GitLab (NASDAQ: GTLB).

Her extensive background includes experience in the design of websites, hardware, and software system architecture, as well as application development. Past and current clients in hospitality, technology, and eCommerce, rely on Jenn for effective strategy related to operations, marketing execution, and scaling of digital marketing systems to support quantifiable revenue growth.

She graduated from the University of Washington with a double bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and International Business. She currently sits on two non-profit Boards, lending her expertise to various environmental and sustainability initiatives.

Jenn Cordz. is a Partner at the Nour Group leading the RevOps function. She has helped numerous companies scale from pre-seed all the way through their successful IPOs. She has also developed some ground-breaking and industry-changing technologies.

Recurring Revenue models demand a world-class customer experience. Nour Group RevOps assessment will help you create a 360-degree view of your prospects and customers

Evolution of Business Needs

Before recurring business models, companies approached the customer journey as independent, sequential steps.

ARR mandates re-earning customer relationships with each annual renewal, necessitating a 360-degree view of the customer lifecycle journey more than ever before.

Mature organizations who aim to expand their current CapEx business models to include OpEx/subscription solutions create a tech proliferation, increased reliance on technology, and data outside of any one function.

Recurring Revenue Models Demand 360° Views

Revenue Operations (RevOps) Obstacles to Success

The talent agenda in RevOps is often particularly challenging for many organizations. Although technically very competent, individuals who also possess broader business acumen and functional requirements in marketing, sales, and customer success, are difficult to find. Often misunderstood, well-intended tech experts are perceived to be difficult to communicate and collaborate with within many organizations. 

Technology Debt and Stack Bloat

Good people with good intentions are often responsible for functional output, embracing, advocating, and implementing point solutions. Without a guiding light toward strategic desired outcomes and material impact on their revenue growth strategy, many of these individuals extend themselves beyond their technical or functional expertise.

Lack of governance creates a tech yahoo culture, a rudderless organization with no ownership, accountability, or overall RevOps strategy.

Not leveraging the full capabilities of your tech stack creates business debt that weighs on your people, processes and tech stack. Let the Nour Group RevOps Assessment help prioritize your tools and create accountability.

Although the best effort of individual MarTech, SalesTech, CSTech, WebDev, TechDev, DevOps, and Security technology vendors, a fraction of each solution's full potential is ever utilized in many organizations. Expensive tech subscription licenses sit idly unused, wasting valuable resources.

In many worst-case scenarios, either the advocate of that specific tech leaves and the void in that capability creates friction, disconnect, and data inaccuracies; or traditional IT (hardware, software, network infrastructure, data centers, cloud migration) unfamiliar with the nuances of RevOps is asked unfairly to lead this critical role.

With executive sponsorship and agreed upon strategic value of Revenue Operations (RevOps), four definitive benefits are derived in every organization: 

1. Growth, scale vision, and the strategic path to get there - transparency in the 360-degree view of the customer experience journey provides unique insights into touchstone moments and aligns the customers' needs with the sellers' wants. A visual story of the revenue growth strategy creates alignment between internal leadership teams and external investors, board members, channel partners, and marquis customers.

2. Repeatable, predictable, scalable, and documented playbook - elimination in any single point of failure is predicated by a playbook, easily understood and replicated by equally competent talent. Repeatable processes increase responsiveness (agile workflow), a consistent sense of urgency by the entire team, and predictability in the best next steps (leading drivers vs. lagging indicators). With scale, RevOps must reduce costs, eliminate redundancies, and decrease defects in deliverables (point solutions, deadends, lack of cohesive efforts).

A 360-degree view of the customer and prospect is required to set world-class organizations apart.

3. World-class capabilities as enablers of intelligent and profitable growth - definitive measures of success include agreed-upon KPIs through improved tracking, forecasting, and opportunities for optimization. Only when a single source of the truth is believed, trusted, reported from, and analyzed through, will different functional team members stop bringing their own reports to the same meeting. 

4. Right-sized tech stack to empower marketing, sales, and customer success motions - your tech stack should be less of an ego boost and fundamentally the empowering engine for marketing, sales, and customer success professionals to succeed in their roles. When the technology infrastructure is aligned with the vision, growth strategy, and optimized path to achieve desired outcomes, RevOps will earn strategic recognition and its material impact on the business model.

Nour Group RevOps Assessment

To address the unique needs of our global clients in their efforts to elevate the strategic impact of their revenue operations processes, capabilities, and tech stack, the Nour Group RevOps practice has developed its Amplified Time to Impact (ATI) process. Intelligent and profitable growth is delivered when an organization's marketing, sales, and customer success functions work seamlessly to create an exceptional customer experience and material value.

Proving impact of investment is critical in every business. The Nour Group Accelerated Time to Impact will help businesses demonstrate the value of an efficient, strategic RevOps function.

Why Independently Assess Your RevOps?

CROs and CMOs realize:

  • Known and Undiscovered Competitors - Beyond the competitors, you know, around the corner lurk a set of competitors you've yet to recognize. RevOps is your innovative, qualitative, and quantitative differentiator to respond to shifts in customer behaviors amid more choices.
  • Increased Customer Choices - Beyond their initial purchase, any chance for renewal means additional options, considerations, and greater negotiation power by customers. More choices also mean they can buy or pass with greater flexibility on their terms.
  • Elevated Business Model Complexity - In an effort to respond to customer demands, many organizations are adding a multitude of go-to-market channels, marketing motions, and revenue models. This increased business model complexity needs a refined roadmap and assessment of what's really working.
Understanding and applying are two very different things. Nour Group RevOps team not only helps you understand what is happening in your business but will create a strategic plan to improve and apply best practices to your business.

Nour Group RevOps team understands that all businesses exist on a spectrum of maturity. Let us help you accelerate your intelligent and profitable growth.

The Deliverables from The Nour Group RevOps Assessment

Within 30 days, the Nour Group RevOps team will deliver*:

  1. Process Map and Alignment Analysis - Leveraging our Customer Lifecycle Journey Maturity Model, we will capture and visualize your current processes. From awareness through engagement, evaluation, and purchase all the way to implementation, impact, and path to renewal, we will analyze the consistency, alignment, and relevant hand-offs.
  2. Capabilities Elevation Roadmap - Other organizations say "people;" we assume good intent by your current team and focus on their capabilities vs. capabilities the organization needs toward its RevOps maturity. Our team's preference is to always elevate the skills, knowledge, and behaviors of your existing team.
  3. System Architecture and Gap Analysis - With SysAdmin access to your Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, data warehouse, website, and analytics platforms, we will create a confident view of your entire tech ecosystem. We will also analyze your connection points and bidirectional data exchange to identify prevailing gaps.
The depth of experience brought by the Nour Group team spans nearly two decades of technology across the Marketing, Sales and Customer Success functions.

A few of our Platform Expertise

Let's Talk About Your RevOpsLet's Talk About Your RevOpsLet's TalkLet's Talk About Your RevOps

Get Your RevOps Tech Stack X-Ray? 

Getting an third-party perspective helps remove the blinders in your business. Get a RevOps Tech Stack X-ray

We're willing to put our two decades of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success - in processes, capabilities, and tech stack - expertise where our mouth is.

With a mutual NDA and SysAdmin access, we'll invest a week in uncovering the biggest impediments to your RevOps success. Our team will highlight what works well in your RevOps ecosystem and critical areas needing improvement, optimization, or amplification.

You are welcome to take our preliminary RevOps Tech Stack X-Ray findings and implement them yourself or work with others. However, we are confident that our unique findings and poignant recommendations can accelerate your journey to a world-class RevOps ecosystem with our team. 

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Not Yet Ready For a Full RevOps Assessment? Why Not Start With a Tech Stack X-Ray? 

RevOps Tech Stack X-Ray is the independent perspective your business needs

Give our team a week, and we will highlight what works well in your RevOps ecosystem and critical areas needing improvement, optimization, or amplification. 

With a mutual NDA and SysAdmin access, we'll invest a week in uncovering how and why your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success functions are leaving money on the table. 

We are so confident that our unique findings and poignant recommendations can accelerate your journey to a world-class RevOps ecosystem that we are willing to put our expertise where our mouth is.

Why not test and be sure vs. build and hope?

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The Nour Group Customer Lifecycle Journey Maturity Model is backed by industry-leading RevOps Scorecard.

Customer Lifecycle Journey Maturity Model

The Nour Group has researched, advocated, and pressure-tested strategic relationships, real innovation, and lasting change for the past two decades. Our experience impacts the evolution of business models where internal and external relationships must be reinvented to remain relevant.

Revenue Operations (RevOps) alleviates wasted resources in the failed attempts to align marketing, sales, and customer success activities. Through insights gathered from over 100 Chief Revenue Officers (CROs), Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) interviews, the Nour Group team has established the Customer Lifecycle Journey Maturity Model.

By developing an industry-leading RevOps Scorecard, we can quantitatively and qualitatively measure the maturity of every organization in its customer lifecycle journey and benchmark organizations against their industry peers. 

The Nour Group's advisory services encompass three unique practice groups to address the challenges and opportunities of our global clients embracing a strategic view of their revenue operations:

  • Growth Strategy practice clarifies the vision and the strategic path forward.
  • Revenue Operations (RevOps) practice delivers a consolidated approach to unify revenue organizations with insights for better decision-making.
  • Business Insight Optimization (BizOps) practice addresses core data hygiene, integrity, and interoperability challenges across GTM strategy and execution to optimize data-driven decision-making, enabling intelligent and profitable growth.


Weekly Podcast by the Nour Group Partners, Jenn Cordz and David Nour, focused on sharing unique insights related to driving Intelligent and Profitable Growth.


Watch Nour Group Partners Jenn Cordz + David Nour share insights on eight metrics that define the success of many RevOps initiatives.

The market is increasingly becoming oversaturated with opinions on RevOps efficiency and effectiveness. We believe every leader to be the product of the advice they take. Below are a sampling of the unique insights and independent perspective our team has shared. Judge our credibility and commitment to excellence in this emerging space through these thought- and practice-leadership resources.

Weekly Podcast by the Nour Group Partners, Jenn Cordz and David Nour, focused on sharing unique insights related to driving Intelligent and Profitable Growth
Weekly Podcast by the Nour Group Partners, Jenn Cordz and David Nour, focused on sharing unique insights related to driving Intelligent and Profitable Growth
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Join Nour Group Partners Jenn Cordz + David Nour as they share why a dashboard of leading drivers and lagging indicators should enable data-driven RevOps decision making. 

Listen on Demand


Watch Nour Group Partners Jenn Cordz + David Nour share insights on eight metrics that define the success of many RevOps initiatives.

Listen on Demand
Forbes Article by David Nour and Jenn Cordz on the Organizational Resilience through RevOps


Read David Nour and Jenn Cordz's Forbes Leadership article on the power and promise of RevOps and data-driven visionary RevOps leadership. 

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The Nour Forum is our private online community, where we share exclusive content, resources, and events on strategic relationships, real innovation, and lasting change for like-minded professionals. Jenn Cordz, Nour Group Partner and RevOps Practice Lead, curates the RevOps special interest group with thought- and practice-leadership.


Join the Nour Forum, our private online community of likeminded professionals where Nour and Jenn share insights, thought leadership, host discussions and exclusive events.