How Seamless and Frictionless is Your RevOps Function?

  • Decision Velocity 
  • Create, Improve, and Optimize Reporting and Executive Dashboards
  • Data Silos and Disconnected Processes/Tools
  • Buyer Profiles, Needs, and Behaviors
  • Customer Journey and Experience Mapping

The 360-degree view of your most important relationships is NOT a luxury. In every recurring revenue business model, it is a fundamental necessity.

High-performing organizations get beyond functional competencies in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to a holistically integrated Revenue Operations (RevOps) ecosystem. You can't get there without addressing the silos, disconnects, or friction in your processes, capabilities, and tech stack today.

The Nour Group RevOps portfolio encapsulates an end-to-end suite of services to assess, synthesize, strategize, and execute a world-class RevOps function. With a preliminary RevOps X-Ray or a more in-depth RevOps Assessment, the next opportunity to elevate, enhance or amplify critical components of your Customer LIfecycle Journey is the Nour Group RevOps Point Solutions.

We enable intelligent and profitable growth.


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Phase Six: Return on Integration

Nour Group Accelerated Time to Impact - Phase Six: Return on Integration is critical for customer success professionals. It is the foundation to developing a deeper value relationships post-Sales and helps an organizations customers realize the value promised during the sales process.
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  • CROs, CMOs, CCOs, and CEOs often highlight the symptoms of a struggling revenue growth engine. These symptoms may include insufficient leads in the top, middle, or bottom of the funnel, mishandling of leads between marketing and sales, or inconsistencies of hand-offs between sales and customer success. What is often left unaddressed are the fundamental root causes.
  • The Nour Group Amplified Time to Impact (ATI) process highlights a world-class approach to critical facets required to deliver results in the customer lifecycle journey. Each unique phase above encompasses nuances and triggers for efficient and effective handoffs. Only when the organization sees its individual roles contributing to the success of the bigger picture will the organization find and keep its revenue growth rhythm.
  • After an independent assessment of your processes, capabilities, and tech stack via our complimentary RevOps X-Ray or more in-depth RevOps Assessment, our team can focus a 90-day sprint on the most pressing phase in the ATI process. The Nour Group Amplified Time to Impact (ATI) is a roadmap to best-in-class revenue operations (RevOps) initiatives and functions.

Nour Group Amplified Time to Impact (ATI) Process

Proving impact of investment is critical in every business. The Nour Group Accelerated Time to Impact will help businesses demonstrate the value of an efficient, strategic RevOps function.
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Need a Deeper Dive Into Your RevOps Processes, Capabilities, and Tech Stack? 

The Nour Group RevOps Assessment is an in-depth yet highly accelerated (30-45 days) review of your RevOps processes, capabilities, and tech stack. This independent perspective benefits you in the following three areas: 

Productivity - Teams will be asked to grow revenue without growing headcount. The only way to get there is to attack your team's productivity.
Churn - Whether they renew or leave, what's your confidence in understanding why they do so, really? It is critical for your team to get and keep your finger on the pulse of "why."
Actionable Insights - You don't need more data; it's better to track less and optimize the insights from what you track. If your RevOps can't provide actionable insights, you're in trouble.

Nour Group Accelerated Time to Impact - Phase One: Baseline Assessment. Get an independent review of your processes, capabilities and tech stack with the Nour Group Baseline Assessment.
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The Deliverables from The Nour Group RevOps Assessment

Within 30-45 days, the Nour Group RevOps team will deliver*:

1. Process Map and Alignment Analysis - Leveraging our Customer Lifecycle Journey Maturity Model, we will capture and visualize your current processes. From awareness through engagement, evaluation, and purchase all the way to implementation, impact, and path to renewal, we will analyze the consistency, alignment, and relevant hand-offs.
2. System Architecture and Gap Analysis - With SysAdmin access to your Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, data warehouse, website, and analytics platforms, we will create a confident view of your entire tech ecosystem. We will also analyze your connection points and bidirectional data exchange to identify prevailing gaps.
3. Capabilities Elevation Roadmap - Other organizations say "people;" we assume good intent by your current team and focus on their capabilities vs. capabilities the organization needs toward its RevOps maturity. Our team always prefers to elevate your existing team's skills, knowledge, and behaviors.

Phase Two: Buyer Needs, Profiles, and Behaviors

Without a clear and shared understanding of your target customer profiles (ICP), their fundamental challenges and opportunities, critical buying indicators, and how your solution uniquely addresses their needs, your Marketing and Sales motions will be suboptimal in producing your desired outcomes.  

Nour Group Accelerated Time to Impact - Phase Two: Buyer Needs, Profiles, and Behaviors is foundational to an effective marketing strategy. Knowing, defining and targeting not only the buyers you want but removing anyone who will take up unnecessary cycles is critical to an effective ABX (account based everything) strategy and to amplify the effectiveness of marketings efforts.

The Deliverables from The Nour Group RevOps Point Solution in Phase Two: Buyer Needs, Profiles, and Behaviors

Utilizing our 90-day sprints, the Nour Group RevOps team will deliver*:

1. Buyer Profile - A robust overview of your top three (3) buyer profiles, including demographic and firmographic identifiers that can be operationalized in your Marketing Automation and CRM systems. The insights from this important overview enable a seamless identification, engagement, and conversion of target prospects ideal for your go-to-market solutions.  
2. Competitor List - Although intellectually understood, a comprehensive list of known and rapidly emerging competitors to exclude from your ICP targets is foundational to not wasting valuable resources. The Nour Group RevOps team will recommend specific processes and relevant automation to remove these contacts from the active lifecycle journey and direct them to a more self-service informational experience, where appropriate.
3. Buying Indicators - Evaluation and documentation of the critical conversion points in the customer lifecycle journey while mapping a repeatable, scalable process to identify and 'fast-track' these self-selections through the systems to the appropriate next step in Marketing or Sales. Key reports such as Funnel Conversion/Fallout, Content Consumption by ICP, and Intent and Cluster Consumption to highlight your dark funnel activity sets the stage to optimize your digital demand drivers to attract, engage and convert prospects effectively.

These three deliverables become the foundation for Marketing and Sales leaders and their teams to build effective, high-performing, intelligent, and profitable lead generation and conversion processes. Furthermore, your aspirations to shift your Marketing and Sales efforts to an Account-Based Experience (ABX) needs the above foundation as its lifeline. 

To address the unique needs of our global clients in their efforts to elevate the strategic impact of their revenue operations processes, capabilities, and tech stack, the Nour Group RevOps practice has developed its Amplified Time to Impact (ATI) process. Intelligent and profitable growth is delivered when an organization's marketing, sales, and customer success functions work seamlessly to create an exceptional customer experience and material value.

An often overlooked perspective in Buyer Needs, Profiles, and Behaviors is a disciplined focus on who isn't a good fit for your go-to-market solution. Contacts who may be interested in your products or services but will never buy can waste valuable limited resources better spent on your targeted ICP. Similarly, competitors must be identified and professionally filtered out of the buying journey.

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Phase Four: Decision Velocity

David Nour, the author of Relationship Economics, 3rd Edition (Wiley, 2023), often advocates that your customer relationships begin after they buy. Many organizations bake in the elation of a closed transaction without fully understanding, capturing, or replicating why and how they earned every client's business.

Every customer opportunity, won or lost, is a phenomenal treasure trove of helpful information and actionable insights. High-performing organizations invest time, effort, and resources to capture the right data set and make time to understand, learn from, and immediately implement the insights from what worked and what didn't. 

Phase Four of the Nour Group Amplified Time to Impact (ATI) process provides a tightened aperture on decision velocity. Key insights should begin with the sales process and cycle analysis and validation of critical buying steps in which internal capabilities and aligned tech stack were most beneficial to the needs of individual buyers. This phase is also ideal for the handoff to the Customer Success function to introduce implementation best practices as the next step of the relationship journey. 

Nour Group Accelerated Time to Impact - Phase Four: Decision Velocity is critical for sales professionals and informs the way they sell with the way their prospects and customers want to buy

The Deliverables from The Nour Group RevOps Point Solution in Phase Four: Decision Velocity

1. Deal Lifecycle Profile - A robust overview of consistent deal sourcing, sales motion alignment with customer needs, revenue, and profitability impact, and the customer experience with the end-to-end sales velocity. The insights from this profile set the foundation for stronger customer relationships and create a baseline for revenue and profitability metrics in acquiring each customer.  
2. Sales Process Effectiveness - Ask many CROs about their average sales cycle, deal size, and critical touchpoints, and you’re likely to get an anecdotal reply based on their seasoned tenure. The effectiveness of the sales process highlights what worked well and what didn’t in terms of lead quality, sales velocity, win-loss ratio, sales funnel conversion, sales team productivity, and contributors to customer delight.
3. Competitive Advantage - Gone are the days of any customer sole sourcing and acquisition. Every company's competitive advantage is predicated on its product market differentiation, unique value proposition, intentional market positioning, innovative approaches to solving customer problems, resource allocation to the deal lifecycle, and strategic planning in the evolution of the sales function.

These three deliverables become the roadmap for astute Marketing and Sales leaders and their teams to understand what is happening in their revenue growth efforts more impactfully and, more importantly, why and how to capture and execute a repeatable, scalable process with predictable outcomes.

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Sample Nour Group RevOps Point Solutions in Critical Phases of the ATI Process

Below are examples of how The Nour Group RevOps team can focus on specific phases of the ATI process with point solutions addressing the critical needs of your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success initiatives. Within each phase, we focus on a 90-day sprint and produce deliverables your team can utilize to optimize their efforts.

*The Nour Group engagement delivery process heavily depends on a set of agreed upon joint accountability. We ask every client for a mutual NDA, timeliness communication and a collaborative approach to problem solving and decision making. 


Weekly Podcast by the Nour Group Partners, Jenn Cordz and David Nour, focused on sharing unique insights related to driving Intelligent and Profitable Growth.


Watch Nour Group Partners Jenn Cordz + David Nour share insights on eight metrics that define the success of many RevOps initiatives.

The market is increasingly becoming oversaturated with opinions on RevOps efficiency and effectiveness. We believe every leader to be the product of the advice they take. Below are a sampling of the unique insights and independent perspective our team has shared. Judge our credibility and commitment to excellence in this emerging space through these thought- and practice-leadership resources.

Weekly Podcast by the Nour Group Partners, Jenn Cordz and David Nour, focused on sharing unique insights related to driving Intelligent and Profitable Growth
Weekly Podcast by the Nour Group Partners, Jenn Cordz and David Nour, focused on sharing unique insights related to driving Intelligent and Profitable Growth
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Join Nour Group Partners Jenn Cordz + David Nour as they share why a dashboard of leading drivers and lagging indicators should enable data-driven RevOps decision making. 

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Watch Nour Group Partners Jenn Cordz + David Nour share insights on eight metrics that define the success of many RevOps initiatives.

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Forbes Article by David Nour and Jenn Cordz on the Organizational Resilience through RevOps


Read David Nour and Jenn Cordz's Forbes Leadership article on the power and promise of RevOps and data-driven visionary RevOps leadership. 

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The Nour Forum is our private online community, where we share exclusive content, resources, and events on strategic relationships, real innovation, and lasting change for like-minded professionals. Jenn Cordz, Nour Group Partner and RevOps Practice Lead, curates the RevOps special interest group with thought- and practice-leadership.


Join the Nour Forum, our private online community of likeminded professionals where Nour and Jenn share insights, thought leadership, host discussions and exclusive events.

The Deliverables from The Nour Group RevOps Point Solution in Phase Six: Return on Integration

1. Quantifiable Value Analysis - Beyond qualitative measures, can the quantifiable value of the streamlined workflow or the automation of a manual process to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and errors and expand available capacity be measured? Integrating a product or solution into the customers’ existing ecosystem can’t simply provide incremental benefits; it must exponentially optimize efficient data management, sharing of insights, improved collaboration, increased agility, and more precise organizational decision-making abilities.

2. Profitable Scalability Review - No customer organization expands existing product or service usage or adds additional users without fully considering how such solutions can scale. Beyond a single department or even a business unit, considerations for enterprise expansion must illustrate a clear line of sight into the impact on and in the business from actionable metrics. The seller’s ability to help the customer profitably scale will determine their propensity to extend and expand the relationship.
3. Advocacy Index - The Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer loyalty and satisfaction and is often limited in scope, providing a narrow view of customer satisfaction and not the nuances of a broader customer experience. Beyond its potential Halo Effect bias, limited actionability, limited comparability, and over-emphasis on promoters, advocacy can and should be a leading driver of intent. The unique perspectives from the Advocacy Index focus on customer satisfaction, effort, lifetime value, retention, repeat purchase, and overall sentiment.

These three deliverables provide a comprehensive view of the customer experience, having integrated the seller's products or solutions into their ecosystem. Only when sellers realize that they are but a guest in the customers' journey will they invest in the long-term value of that customer relationship and not just the immediate-term transaction.

If the purchase sets the real customer relationship in motion their ability to adopt your product or services, and more importantly create material impact in their business, is the only reason any organization should expect advocates if not evangelists from their customers. 

Most product or service integrations into the customers' ecosystem are a larger investment of enterprise time, effort, and resources than the sellers often understand. From significant obstacles presented by legacy systems to strategic priorities of data integration, compatibility issues, the availability of technical competencies, cybersecurity, and, most often, the cultural resistance to change, the journey to create lasting impact is fraught with challenges.

When the sellers proactively invest time, effort, and resources to understand their customers' existing ecosystems, seamlessly integrate the customer success function, collaboratively plan, allocate adequate resources, and support the customer embracing real change, they will realize a quantifiable return on integration.