Your Relationship Brand Familiarity

orange megaphone against orange background How would you describe one of your favorite brands? Why or how have you created an affinity for this brand? Regarding professional relationships and enterprise growth, our research highlights a spectrum of familiarity with individual brands. Some we outright reject; others we feel rather neutral about. Others, yet we prefer or even insist on. […]

Customer Lifecycle Journey Maturity Model – Full Transcript

Customer Lifecycle Journey Maturity Model - Revenue Operations David Nour 00:01Hi everybody, David Nour with my business partner Jenn Cordz for another episode of our Intelligent Growth live stream. We’re live on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and want to welcome you back if you are listening, or if you’re watching our previous episodes, we’re live each Tuesday at noon, Eastern across various […]

Customer Lifecycle Journey Maturity Model

Customer Lifecycle Journey Maturity Model - Revenue Operations In this week’s Intelligent Growth LIVE, Nour and Cordz focused on the customer lifecycle maturity model – a journey of how businesses can reach, engage and influence their customers. It’s not just about making a sale, but also about delivering on the promises made by marketing and sales through customer success, helping them adopt […]

Are You a Talker or a Doer?

I learned a valuable lesson years ago serving on a non-profit board. There are workhorses and then there are show horses! On this particular board, there were 75 members (you read that correctly!) Any guesses how many actually showed up to committee meetings and did 90+% of the heavy lifting – 10! That’s how I […]

It’s Time to Eliminate “I’m Busy” from Your Vernacular! 

Have you heard that obligatory “I’m good; just busy” response whenever you ask someone, “How’s it going?” It seems like a ubiquitous exchange in all of our lives, as if busyness is somehow a badge of honor or a trendy status symbol. I’m just not convinced being busy is the same thing as being productive. […]

Once King of Browsers, Internet Explorer Is Shutting Down

Internet Explorer’s market share was estimated at one point to be as high as 90%, primarily because of the success of the Windows operating system, which often stipulated users use Internet Explorer — a practice that got Microsoft in trouble with the Justice Department in the late ’90s. Closer to the Edge The writing has been […]

Here’s How the State of MarTech is Setting You Up for Success in 2022 and Beyond

The Marketing Technology (MarTech) industry has exploded over the last decade. In 2011 there were fewer than 200 tools and vendors for operations teams to choose from, and due to a lack of open interfaces, they were clunky and challenging to integrate. According to 2022’s MarTech Map, there are now nearly 10,000 tools to choose […]