The 33 Best Leadership Books You Haven’t Heard Of


Proud and honored that my friend Lou Carter of the Best Practice Institute shared #CoCreateBook amongst this fantastic list of leadership books, many of which you may have never heard of.

What began as a research journey back in 2013 to rethink the application of relationships in innovation became a unique process to drive profitable growth via innovative and strategic collaboration, the Co-Create book in 2017, and the Co-Create Canvas.

Having spoken to over 100 different audiences, advised sales, leadership, innovation, and change management teams on applying some of these ideas, and educating others to make co-creation their own, it’s been a fun journey. As many of my contemporaries in the Marshall Goldsmith MG100 community will attest, it’s also amazing how much you learn about your content after you publish a book! Audiences read it, internalize it, and challenge your assumptions. You uncover new examples and are always fascinated by the unique manner in which global audiences find ways to test your hypothesis. That’s probably the single biggest reason I love writing books: they become an enabler of a life-long learning and growth journey.

HERE is the link to our free tools including:

  • Download the 1st Chapter
  • Take the Co-Create Quiz – already taken by over 10,000 participants
  • Read a Summary
  • Download the Co-Create Workbook
  • Download the Co-Create Canvas

Enjoy, and as always, I’d welcome your comments, ideas, and perspectives.



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