Visualize a Different Path Forward

David Nour
David Nour

Have you noticed how our minds often respond strongly to visual stimulation? I learned about visioning and vision boards from long-time friend Jennifer Bridges, PMP, CHPC who often surrounds herself with images of her goals and ideal life. She tells me that it stimulates her emotions and fills her with enthusiasm she needs to take steps forward in her dreams and aspirations.

Jen’s vision boards are a collage of positive words and pictures that often symbolize the experiences, feelings, and possessions she wants to attract into her life and relationships. Her “boards” can be a physical poster board, a folder, a scrapbook, or an online pinboard.

The key to visualizing a different path for yourself is alignment – the images and the words you choose should excite and inspire you toward a better version of yourself. This image of the future should represent what you choose to focus and proactively work on. If it’s visible where you can see it everyday, it will help you regularly visualize, affirm, and believe in your purpose, goals, and aspirations to reach higher or further than you believe you can.

Make visualizing a different path for yourself fun – if you enjoy the process, it can be a powerful catalyst in bridging your dreams and aspirations with your future realities.

Jump in below and share one aspiration. I’m going to share an image of mine that I’m working on proactively with a group of friends…. David Nour 

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