Welcome to the Curve Benders Podcast

David Nour
David Nour

So excited to launch this Curve Benders podcast in conjunction with the research and writing of my newest book, by the same title. In the Star Wars vernacular, Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and now Curve Benders are a trilogy focused on intentional, strategic, and quantifiable business relationships.  I’ll interview interesting people, share “Nourisms,” case studies, examples, fun tidbits, and reference the 15 forces we’ve identified as critical buckets at the intersection of future of work and strategic relationships. None of us can predict the future. But we all can (and should) plan. Think of this podcast and book as a roadmap in your personal and professional growth journey from now to next. As always, I welcome your comments, ideas, suggestions, examples, and criticisms. And if you find a session of particular interest and value, hope you’ll share it with others as well. Take care, Nour

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