What’s the Source of Your Ambition?

David Nour
David Nour

As long as I’ve known me, and several friends and Nour Forum members can attest to this, I’ve been ambitious, driven, tenacious, and a go-getter! I was like this at five-years-old pestering my dad in the bazaars of Iran for a street treat. 

I was driven to self-fund my undergrad (took me nine years!) and grad school studies (2 of 52 students in my class paid for their six-figure Exec. MBA personally; all others were company-sponsored). I called a hiring manager every day for 3 months to give me a chance at my first technology sales job. I’ve borrowed money from my AMEX to meet payroll. 

I’m convinced I was born this way. But it was also nurtured in me by my dad in my early adolescent life, and later by uncles Ken Nourolahi and Brian Nourollahi with whom I grew up with here in the U.S. It’s what I know and my passion to always learn, grow, and exceed expectations of myself is the source of my ambition.

What about you? What drives you to excel each and every day, improve what you do, how you do it, continue to learn, grow, nurture fantastic relationships, and never give up on becoming the best version of yourself?

If you don’t know or can’t figure out the root cause of what drives you, you won’t know how to tap into it during times of need or sustain it during any prolonged period of endless obstacles.

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